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Telemedicine (Virtual Walk-in Clinic)


Trusted Virtual Healthcare Provider

Telemedicine is a virtual care provider that connects you with professional healthcare from the convenience of your own home or workplace.

Our Pharmacy are proud to be a partner with It is a preferred virtual care provider and has been operated since 2012.

With this service you can see the doctor from wherever you are, on your schedule, saving time, money, and effort when taking care of your health needs.


From medical questions, prescription renewal, and sick notes, to laboratory diagnostic requests and referrals, the team is here for you.

Sometimes virtual care at home is not enough. At the Pharmacy, we have a healthcare provider's assistant on-site to help you and your family.


We have additional diagnostic tools and assessment skills to help you to get an enhanced level of care.

We can book appointment for you to speak with one of our doctors.



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